Frequently asked questions

Here we answer some of our most asked questions about after me. 

How can I be certain my information is kept private?

We understand that the information in your after me profile is very personal and private. We use best practice database management and Two Factor Authentication to keep all of your personal data secure. 

Why do I need an After Me account? Doesn't my will deal with all that?

Your will provides specific legal instructions on how to deal with your estate. We obviously think these are super important. What a will doesn't allow for are the more emotional records you might want to leave behind. After me gives you a secure place to pass on your legacy to your loved ones, record funeral wishes, leave messages and store memories. Oh, and you can store your will and other important documents on after me so that your loved ones can find them easily in their time of stress and grief.

Can i just make an after me profile instead of a will?

No. It is very important to remember that a will is a legal document that has specific requirements in each country. Information in your after me profile is secondary to your will. What after me does though is provides emotional, human connection based information and instructions that are not typically found in wills. For example, we love the possessions section in "the hard stuff". This is a place to take photos of key personal possessions you might not include in your will and advise who you'd like these left to,

How Does it work? Who sees what information?

after me is many things. We see it as an emotional will, a memory bank, formal instructions about the hard stuff we find it hard to talk about while we are alive. It is also a social network!

So, if someone you know has an after me profile you can connect with them and they are on your network. These people will not receive your personal information, but you will be informed when they pass away (vice versa) and you can leave messages for their family.

Then we have 'Trusted Circle Members'. These are people you want in your trusted circle that you will leave instructions, messages (notes, videos, songs) for when you pass. The application allows you to specify certain instructions per person. So for example, you might give your best friend your phone passcode so they can delete any photos you might not want your Mum to see on your phone and only that friend receives that instruction!

Then there are Guardian Angels. So these are Trusted Circle Members you leave your journal too. They receive the entirety of your instructions, except for ones you have specifically instructed to someone else. See next question for why your Guardian Angels are so important.

What happens to my profile when I pass away? How do my trusted circle receive my information?

Great question. When you set up an after me profile you need to nominate at least 2 Guardian Angels. These are your closed, most trusted people. You acknowledge when making these people Guardian Angels that they have the ability to advise us that you have passed. Once it is confirmed that you have passed, your profile will be placed into memoriam and the application will ensure that your specific instructions and information is provided to the people that you specified.

Can I cancel my profile at any time? And what happens to my information when I cancel?

Yes you can cancel at any time! We'd hate to see you leave, however depending on what level of membership you had, your information will be stored for a specific amount of time and we will remind you before deleting your profile off our database.

Why do I need Guardian Angels?

Your guardian angels ensure that when you pass away your legacy is provided to the right people. They have the ability to inform us of your passing also.

Can I change my Guardian Angels at any time?

Of course! Yes!! You have total control and security of your profile. This is something we take very seriously. We will also email you sporadically to remind you to keep your after me profile up to date.

How long does my profile stay online?

This is key to after me, that your profile remains a legacy for your future generations. This is why we are a membership based application. Your profile remains online for as long as you wish. There is also the ability to download your journal as a PDF with a download fee so that you have the comfort of being able to save this document forever.

What happens if you can't find the people I've left messages for?

A key part to after me is that we believe everyone should have a free membership. This is so that these people can create a profile to receive your information, even if they don't want their own after me legacy created. Your Trusted Circle members will need to accept your invitation (remind them they can do this for free if they wish) and then create their own profile. This will ensure that you can find them. Email us if you need any help encouraging them.

What happens if I don't want to receive information from someone who has passed?

As important as it is to be able to leave a legacy, we believe it's equally important for a recipient to be able to pause or opt out if it gets a bit much. There is this function available for you at all times. 

Have a question we haven't answered? 

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